Kauf einer Handelsgesellschaft (Ready Made)

Acts and documents necessary to buy a ready-made company:

  1. concluding contract about cooperation by buying the company
  2. client provides names of future shareholders, name of a company, scope of business, names of directors
  3. client provides:

    • signatures of Power of Attorneys
    • certificate of  incorporation in case of legal entity as a shareholder
    • statements of criminal records of directors and their superlegalization, if it is necessary
  4. then we are able to start the process of transferring the company to transferee, change the details in Companies Register and handle the trade licenses
  5. once the corporation is transferred, we send the contract on purchase of shares and extract from the Companies Register

Each company must have its own official address. Therefore we provide this official address in our property for purposes like mail delivery, administrative service (mail resending, boardroom). Click here for more information.

Process duration:
- immediate transfer of shares and appointment of new directors
- 15 days for registration of changes

Fee for new company:
2.000 EUR - without change of Articles of Incorporation*
2.200 EUR - with change of Articles of Incorporation* (change of name,
address, subject of business activity, other information)

* The fee “without change of Articles of Incorporation” includes transfer of the Company as is registered in the Companies Register, i.e. without changes of name, subject of business activity, name of the city in address (address within the same city can be changed on Client’s request) or another information given by the Articles of Incorporation. In such case the Company is usually transferred with change of the shareholder (Client) and director only.

The fee includes working out of all necessary documents (bilingual CZ – ENG/GER/FRA), transfer of share in the Company and registration of changes in the Companies Register. The fee includes all fees of Notary, the Companies Register, translations, all documents for registration, representing by our lawyers in the registration proceeding. The fee does not include providing of the official address of the Company.
The capital stock of the Company is paid in full.
The Client will receive: a Contract on Transfer of Share, a statement from the Companies Register, Articles of Incorporation of the Company, Trade Licenses. Other documents according to requested services.
The VAT 19 % shall be added to the fees. The Company may be provided by a third party, but in every case we guarantee legal and financial purity.