Errichtung einer Zweigniederlassung

We assist in opening a branch of a foreign company in the Czech Republic.

Acts and documents necessary to open a branch:

  1. concluding a contract about cooperation by founding a branch.
  2. client provides name of the company establishing the branch, scope of business, name of the manager of the branch.
  3. client provides necessary documents (power of attorney, certificates of incorporation, statements of criminal records of manager of the branch, articles of incorporation of the company founding a branch) and their superlegalization, if necessary.
  4. then we are able to start the process of founding a branch, secure trade licenses etc.
  5. once the branch is founded, we send certificate of incorporation of founded branch and register the branch at Tax Office.

Each branch must have its own official address. Therefore we provide this official address in our property for purposes like mail delivery, administrative service (mail resending, boardroom). Click here for more information.

Foundation of branch rate:
15 days since the basic documents are delivered

Foundation of branch fee:
1.200,- EUR

The fee is without VAT.VAT 19% will be added, if the 6tth directive by Council of EU will be not applied to client. (i.e. If VAT shouldn’t be conscripted by consider).
The fee includes creating of all necessary documents (in double language version – Czech and English, German, French) and the translation of basic documents to Czech language (in maximum range 5 sides). If the documents will be present in another language, than one the official EU language, extra costs for a translation may be required. Price includes fee stamps, statement from the Land Registry, representing by our law office in a registration proceeding. The fee does not include providing of the official address of the branch.
As a result of our work the client will  receive the statement from the Companies Register, Decision of Incorporation of the Branch, Trade license and the form of registration to the Tax Office. Other documents according to requested services.